Ring Bearer Pillow DIY

Thank you to Martha for the directions on making a really fun ring bearer pillow!  And by Martha, I mean Martha Stewart, because we are on a first name basis now.

Here’s is Martha’s pillow and a link to her pillow directions.

Here is Martha’s pillow:

Picture courtesy of Martha Stewart Wedding website

I fell in love with a patterned fabric at Joann Fabrics.  It just makes me smile.

Isn't this just adorable?

So out came my scissors and my sewing machine.

But damnit Martha!  Your directions made a ring pillow sized for an infant!  Really, 6.5″ x 6.5″?  I guess I should have payed more attention to the scale of those rings to the size of the pillow.  In defense, I have really giant fingers, so my sense of proportion is slightly askew.

So I doubled it all, and I am quite happy with the result:


And now I have a mini pillow to do, well, something with.  It’s too cute not to use!  Any ideas?


Save the Date!

Save the Dates are in the mail!  We turned this into a little do-it-yourself project and designed our own postcards.  We first had to narrow it down to 3 engagement pictures!  Clare Byrne did such a great job taking them that we struggled to choose only three! After selecting our pictures we went to uprinting.com.  I had won 100 free postcards from a wedding blog that I subscribe to, and this was the perfect way to use them.  We designed them online, and they arrived in the mail shortly after.  Then we address and stamped them, and away they went!

Here are our save the dates:

Our traditional Save the Date

Our book lovers Save the Date

The Save the Date in which we show off our geeky side.



How I asked my bridesmaids to be, well, bridesmaids

Well, I have my beautiful bridesmaids all picked out and they have all agreed to put up with my madness, as you have seen from previous posts.  And I wanted to share how I formally asked them to be bridesmaids!


Mmmmm. Bridesmaid Wine.


I was able to give the gift to my lovely college roomies in person.  However, my beautiful bridesmaids Michelle and Lyndsie received a video message of my request, and a promise for these to be delivered at a future date.

I got shipping stickers from the local office store, made up some labels, bought some yummy wine, and found perfect coordinating bags in yellow and green!  Success!

I also had the snag of having two underaged attendants, one of which being my MOA/sister.  For Emma and Kristen I made little flip picture books with pics of us through the years together, asking them to stand up for me at the end.  My sister turns 21 this weekend though, so maybe she’ll get a bottle of wine too.