Let me introduce you to the beautiful Best Person/Best (Wo)man Harmony Blackhall, sister to the groom!  She will provide her adept hands for many integral aspects of the wedding,  including… a bachelor party (did you realize what you were getting yourself into, Harmony?).  That being said, she has already played the key role of helping Jonathan pick out an engagement ring, which Sadie truly thanks her for.  Harmony is currently studying to become a radiology tech, because this family is all about the medicine.  In addition she is mother to the adorable flowergirl, Lily!  Harmony’s interests include being a star student, obsessing over everything Twilight related, and being not-so-secretly in love with Bears kicker Robbie Gould!  Harmony and Sadie share a passion for The Hunger Games, and Jonathan and Harmony share DNA, which is also neat.




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