Michelle is one of Sadie’s oldest friends.  Sadie and Michelle met at Kaneland Elementary school.  During those pivotal years we spent a lot of time on her trampoline.  Michelle graduated with Sadie in the Kaneland High School class of 2003!  (It is a miracle we both survived to be honest).  Michelle is a super-talented first grade teacher in Plano, which means she has much more patience than Sadie and is usually covered in more paste (usually).   Michelle has her Masters’ Degree from Aurora University in teaching ankle biters math and science.  Her talents include cuddling and finishing buckets of Margartias.  Michelle has awesome dance moves including The Starfish (take my word for it).  Michelle also has a not-so-secret love of affair with fellow bridesmaid Lyndsie, which is apparently ok with Lyndsie’s husband Mike.




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