Lyndsie had the unfortunate luck of moving to Elburn while she was in middle school and having to attend Kaneland schools.  NOT unfortunately, she met some awesome chicks named Michelle and Sadie.  And also this guy named Mike, who she married in 2009.  Lyndsie was Sadie’s first married friend, and Sadie appreciates that Lyndsie makes marriage look like bliss.  Lyndsie went and moved all the way to St. Louis, which is far away.  Lyndsie recently received her Masters degree and is in the process of getting her Ph.D. in Urban Education, because she is very smart.  (And nerdy, which I blame her husband for).  She likes baking and cooking, her cats, and apparently Battlestar Gallactica.  Some day she is going to be a rockin teacher and a famous author (her first foray into children’s book featured YOURS TRULY, and was called “Sadie-Jean Pumpkin Queen”), so get her autograph while you can at our ceremony!



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