What to wear

I know I always stress about what to wear to weddings.  So I thought I’d add a little post for those looking for more direction.

What the heck do we mean by smart casual you ask?  Good question.  Basically we would love for you to dress for whatever the weather is supposed to be that day; our top priority is your comfort!  Remember, we do have a tent with sides, but we will still be outdoors! We’d prefer no jeans if possible.  Sundresses are great for the ladies.  Slacks, polos, nice shirts for the guys.  No need for jackets or ties unless that’s what you prefer!

Hope this helps everyone!

The Shower

I want to send a big shout-out to my awesome Aunts for throwing me the best bridal shower a girl could ask for.  Thank you again to Aunts Jane, Judy, Janet, Joanne, and Jerri!  Love you guys so much!

Here’s a quick recap:

There was great food:
There was great cake!

There were springtime decorations in our wedding colors:
There were games!  (of which I lost)

There was family:

There were lots of presents!

There were my beautiful bridesmaids.

There were lots of friends and family that I love!


Thank you to everyone who could share the day of my shower!  Looking forward to having even more friends and family together for the wedding!

What to do while you’re in town

I wanted to make a little list of activities, events, and destinations around the Elburn and Chicagoland area for those of you in town for the wedding, and those of you planning on staying for a few days before or after the festivities.  Here’s some local attractions

Good For Kids and Families:

Swedish Days- Geneva, IL June 19-24

Located about 20 minutes from Anderson Family’s House

Activities: Carnival, Shopping on Historic 3rd Street

Don’t Miss: The Swedish Days Parade June 24


Sadie at Swedish Days

Kane County Cougars Minor League Baseball

Home game Monday June 25 against the Beloit Snappers

Located about 25 minutes from Anderson Family House

Yummy ballpark food, great kids activities, great value!


For Food and Wine Lovers:

Sugar Grove Farmer’s Market June 23

Located about 15 minutes from Anderson Family’s House

Hours: 8am-1pm



Batavia Farmer’s Market June 23

Located about 20 minutes from Anderson Family’s House

Hours: 8am-Noon



Alice’s Place

Elburn, IL

Delicious soft serve ice cream with a hometown feel

Emma’s place of employment

Ice Cream!

Acquaviva Winery

About 15 minutes From the Anderson Family House

A Winery in Maple Park, IL… who would have thought!

Wine Tasting, Wine Shop



For the Golfers:

Hughes Creek Golf Club

About 5 minutes from the Anderson Family House



Settler’s Hill Golf Club

About 15 minutes from the Anderson Family House



Bliss Creek Golf Club

About 15 minutes from the Anderson Family House



For those of you feeling lucky:

Hollywood Casino Aurora

Riverboat Casino



For the Scientists and the Nature Enthusiasts:

Fermilab- Batavia, IL

About 20 minutes from the Anderson Family House

Where scientists study high energy physics!

And there are buffalo!

Lederman Science Center: http://ed.fnal.gov/lsc/index.shtml

– Science center for kids!

Buffalo and Prairie Trails:  http://www.fnal.gov/pub/visiting/tours/index.html

– hike in the prairie, and see their herd of 30 buffalo!



There’s lots to do in Chicago, but our favorite are:

Brookfield Zoo- Brookfield, IL

About 45 minutes from Anderson Family House



Field Museum- Chicago, IL

Awesome Dinosaur Exhibit!

See Sue!



Train from Elburn or Geneva IL to Downtown Chicago:  http://metrarail.com/content/metra/en/home/maps_schedules/metra_system_map/up-w/schedule.html


Hope these are some ideas to start from for all our visitors!

Ring Bearer Pillow DIY

Thank you to Martha for the directions on making a really fun ring bearer pillow!  And by Martha, I mean Martha Stewart, because we are on a first name basis now.

Here’s is Martha’s pillow and a link to her pillow directions.

Here is Martha’s pillow:

Picture courtesy of Martha Stewart Wedding website

I fell in love with a patterned fabric at Joann Fabrics.  It just makes me smile.

Isn't this just adorable?

So out came my scissors and my sewing machine.

But damnit Martha!  Your directions made a ring pillow sized for an infant!  Really, 6.5″ x 6.5″?  I guess I should have payed more attention to the scale of those rings to the size of the pillow.  In defense, I have really giant fingers, so my sense of proportion is slightly askew.

So I doubled it all, and I am quite happy with the result:


And now I have a mini pillow to do, well, something with.  It’s too cute not to use!  Any ideas?


A Little Help

Since we know nothing about hosting a wedding, Jonathan and I decided we needed a little help to plan and then execute this big party!  So I’m happy to announce we have a day-of wedding coordinator!  Her name is Amanda and she is from LaDi Events and I’m super thankful we are going to have her help.  Check out her website by clicking the icon below.

Save the Date!

Save the Dates are in the mail!  We turned this into a little do-it-yourself project and designed our own postcards.  We first had to narrow it down to 3 engagement pictures!  Clare Byrne did such a great job taking them that we struggled to choose only three! After selecting our pictures we went to uprinting.com.  I had won 100 free postcards from a wedding blog that I subscribe to, and this was the perfect way to use them.  We designed them online, and they arrived in the mail shortly after.  Then we address and stamped them, and away they went!

Here are our save the dates:

Our traditional Save the Date

Our book lovers Save the Date

The Save the Date in which we show off our geeky side.